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Below you will find the Leadership Associates current searches. Click on the link to the district or school's web site to gain more information about the opportunity. Send us an e-mail to request an application and provide an e-mail address to request an application form to fill out on your computer using Microsoft Word, to return to Leadership Associates via e-mail. Click on the Get Position Information link to get the PDF or Word document regarding the position. When you e-mail us to request an application, our consultants will be notified. Thank you for visiting our web site.

Paramount Unified School District (Los Angeles County) Enrollment 15,681

Opening Date: August 2015
Closing Date: October 12, 2015
Interview Date(s): November 14-15, 2015
New Superintendent Begins: January 1, 2016

If you are interested in this position please send an email to:, and request that an application and submittal instructions for the position of Superintendent, Paramount Unified School District be emailed to you. Please be sure to include your name, current position, and contact phone number in your email. All required application materials must be submitted, in pdf format, by 5 p.m. on the closing date listed.

District website:

Position Description: Check back for position description

Consultants:  Michael Escalante, Ed.D and Rich Thome


Leadership Associates worked with School Boards in their selection of more than 300 superintendents since 1996.

In addition, Leadership Associates has conducted searches for the following positions: Executive Director, ACSA; Superintendent and Executive Director, Regional Occupational Program (ROP); Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources; Chief Academic Officer; Chief Business Official; SELPA Director; Special Education Director; Human Resources Director; Elementary and Middle School Principal.
Congratulations to School Boards and Superintendents selected in 2015 and 2014!!
Brea Olinda Unified School District Brad Mason
Burbank Unified School District Matt Hill
Cabrillo Unified School District Jane Yuster
Carmel Unified School District Scott Laurence
Central Union High School District Renato Montano
Cypress School District Anne Silavs
Del Norte County Unified School District Jeff Harris
Duarte Unified School District Allan Mucerino
Franklin-McKinley School District Juan Cruz
Lucia Mar Unified School District  
Moreland School District Mary Kay Going
Mountain View-Los Altos Union HSD Michael McDowell
Novato Unified School District Jim Hogeboom
Oakley Union School District Pamela Conklin
Paradise Unified School District Donna Colosky
Reed Union School District Nancy Lynch
Rialto Unified School District Cuauhtemoc Avila
San Bruno Park School District Cheryl Olson
San Mateo Union High School District Kevin Skelly
University Preparatory School Shelle Peterson
Ventura Unified School District Michael Babb
WestEd/Gates Robert Sheffield
Alta Loma School District James Moore
Anaheim Union High School District Michael Matsuda
Cambrian School District Carrie Andrews
Capistrano Unified School District Kirsten Vital
Central Union High School District Bryan Thomason
Fort Bragg Unified School District Charles Bush
Fountain Valley School District Mark Johnson
Newhall School District Paul Cordeiro
Oakland Unified School District Antwan Wilson
Orcutt Union School District Deborah Blow
Oxford Preparatory Academy Ronnie Henderson
Palo Alto Unified School District Glenn (Max) McGee
Pittsburg Unified School District Janet Schulze
Riverside Unified School District David Hansen
Roseville City School District Derrick Garcia
Sacramento City USD Jose Banda
St. Helena Unified School District Marylou Wilson
San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District Laurie Bruton
San Marino Unified School District Alex Cherniss
West Covina Unified School District Charles Hinman
West End SELPA Susan Bobbitt-Voth
Willits Unified School District Debra Pearson - Interim