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"Providing the highest quality candidates to meet the needs of your district"

Our search process is detailed below:

  • The Board is our client and directs the search.
  • LA provides the expertise to guide the Board to a successful selection.
  • Communication with the Board is a hallmark of our mutual success.
  • In brief, our process includes the following steps:
    • Meet with the Board to develop a profile of the next superintendent
    • Meet with community and staff to solicit their input
    • Develop a position description and website information based on the ideal candidate profile
    • Advertise
    • Recruit candidates to the profile
    • Check references thoroughly
    • Meet with the Board for its selection of finalists
    • Assist the Board throughout the final interviews and steps to completion of the hiring of the new superintendent
    • Please feel free to contact us through Rene Townsend, our managing partner, or any member of the Leadership Associates team you may know by clicking on the following: