10 Reasons to use Leadership Associates

Superintendent searches are our core work. It is what we do. We have a track record of success in 350+ searches since 1996.

Leadership Associates has:

  1. A clear, effective, confidential process that provides boards with the highest quality candidates that match the district’s specific needs.
  2. A commitment to assure thorough, in-depth guidance, and open communication to boards during every step of the process to successful completion and the board’s hiring the new superintendent.
  3. Highly effective tools and processes for engaging staff and community.
  4. A strong network to assure statewide and national recruitment of emerging leaders and to encourage and invite leaders with records of success.
  5. Thorough, in-depth reference checking, including the use of databases.
  6. Dedicated consultants who know California, were successful California superintendents, and are involved in state and national education.
  7. An excellent reputation with boards –a number of satisfied boards have hired Leadership Associates a second or third time.
  8. Earned the trust and respect of superintendents and potential candidates.
  9. Proven systems for supporting the board, the superintendent and total governance team after the selection.
  10. Unparalleled support for your executive support staff with all district managed processes (meeting agendas, web-posting, etc.)